Real estate lead generation through Facebook

Lead generation is the biggest challenge in any business. When it comes to real estate, it’s even more challenging. You might be probably reading this article if you are struggling to get quality and consistent leads through Facebook. You might be also wondering how your competitors are attracting more customers than you from Facebook.

In this blog, let’s see how to generate high-quality, positive intent leads through Facebook. The reason I have specifically chosen Facebook and Instagram is that the conversion on Facebook and Instagram is comparatively higher than any other mediums. Understand the Market and the the P’s of Marketing, and then market them rightly so as to yield more quality leads.

Framework and statistics:

UAE has a total population of 9.83 million out of which 9.73 million are active social media users. The average daily time spent using the internet is approximately 7 hours 03 mins. Widely used social mediums are Youtube followed by Facebook and Instagram. Lead generation through social mediums is widely used.

Facebook artwork for lead generation

Create an eye-catching artwork with the pictures of the property you are intending to advertise. You may also use templates available from, Unsplash, Shutterstock etc. For lead generation, always ensure your creative artworks are communicating the main points and it is not cluttered. In a fraction of a second, your audience should grab the attention to your poster.

Facebook Forms for lead generation

Facebook forms are the most effective way to capture the lead. Facebook allows the customer to auto-fill their details which helps them to fill out the lead form easily. Never make the form complicated with too many questions. Only capture – Name, email and phone number. If you have an appealing and easy-navigating website, you can make use of that contact form as well.

Website Forms for lead generation

Its highly recommended to add user-friendly website forms to capture the lead details.

Thank you Page for lead generation

Add  a Thank you page as the resting page of the leads. Conversion ads on facebook are effective for getting more customers who are likely to click your ads.

CRM for lead generation

If you are a veteran in real estate in UAE, you can start using CRM software to store the leads, nurture the leads, and finally convert it to deals. You will be able to understand the progress of the monthly sales from your CRM. You can also run multiple campaigns such as SMS Campaigns, Email Campaigns etc. The most popular CRM’s are Bitrix 24, Zoho CRM, Salesforce etc.

Retargeting ads for lead generation

Unlike Google, Facebook also provides retargeting options. You can target the customers who have visited your website at least once. They are more likely to become your potential customer because they have already heard about your brand. You can start retargeting them by selecting a lookalike audience of website users who visited in the last 7 days, in the last 30 days, or even the last 180 days.

Engagement for lead generation

Whenever possible, engage with your online customers. Make sure that you respond to them, you may use auto-responders available on facebook inbox.

Call-back widget for lead generation

You can add a WhatsApp button to your Facebook ads or posts so that the audience can directly communicate to you via WhatsApp. Most people prefer WhatsApp over website chat.

Use different strategies – test multiple ad-sets

Use different strategies to advertise on Facebook and Instagram for lead generation. You may use Single image, or a carousel or even a video to advertise. Change the images or videos in regular frequencies because once the audience are familiar with your poster, they tend to ignore if the ads are repeatedly shown.

Create a sense of emergency for lead generation

Use words like Units selling fast, Limited Units left etc to create a sense of urgency among the audience.

Laser-focused targeting

Understand the market and target the right audience based on age, behavior, interest, employment, demographics etc. Before doing targeting, its effective to make a buyers persona at first so that you will understand the consumer behavior.

Call to action for lead generation

Do not fear your customers with call to action buttons that might hook them like ‘Book now or sign up now’. Instead  you can use Learn More so that they may sign up and give the contacts.

Choose the Right Placement for lead generation

Correct placement of your Facebook Ads is critical and, ideally, you want to optimize your design for each placement. Different ad placements have a tendency to perform differently, and you want to know which are best for conversions, which are low cost, and which may be great for targeting cold audiences that you can retarget later.

Desktop Newsfeed: Great for engagement and generating sales & leads. Supports longer copy and link description.
Desktop Right Column: Less effective but cheaper. Images are smaller and text less readable. Works well for retargeting users who already know your brand. Use an image they’ll recognize to catch their eye.
Mobile Newsfeed: Great for engagement & Mobile app installs. As we saw in a recent post, mobile users tend to click “Like” a lot. The Copy is shorter, so be careful. While conversion rates on mobile are often deceptive, mobile is great for discovery. Users will discover your product on their phones… then buy it the next day on their desktop.
Marketplace: Customers in the marketplace are already looking for something to purchase, so they may be in the buying mood. That being said, they don’t seem to have much different performance from standard newsfeed ads.
In-stream video: You can have your video ad play before or during high-visibility video content, much like YouTube’s ad campaigns, essentially giving you a custom audience. These campaigns may be more expensive in some cases, and customers have torn feelings about these ads.
Instagram: Instagram has a particularly highly engaged audience, and these ad campaigns may cost slightly more (though the higher costs have been decreasing over the last year). That being said, they perform exceptionally well and should be considered.
Stories: This is a whole new feature all of its own, but it’s proven to be effective for driving brand awareness and brand message recall along with conversions. These need their own full-screen, mobile-friendly creatives, and videos can’t be longer than 15 seconds.
Facebook’s audience network. These ads aren’t quite as high converting, but they’re a much lower cost, so they can keep your acquisition and CPCs low.


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