Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents

We’re here to discuss the Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate Agents in UAE. Are you a real estate business owner or a property agent looking for leads for your real estate busienss in UAE, then this blog is for you. I’m going to show how you can get consistent leads on a daily basis with high conversion rates which will take your business to the next level.

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Synopsis covered:

The following topics are briefly discussed in the video.

Common Mistakes that every real estate industry players do:
  1. Website: Everyone tends to buy a domain name and get a static website done and that’s it. They hope to get leads on the very next day after the website is built. A normal website with no user engagement will not get you any results.
  2. Buying cheap leads: Buying cheap and quantity leads from third-party websites is another common mistake that every real estate business owners or real estate agents do. The same leads are being distributed to almost all your competitors and those leads lose its essence. It will no longer convert.
  3. Scattered Online presence: Don’t just create your online presence everywhere on the internet for the sake of building accounts on all social media platforms. Concentrate on the mediums only where your target audience is present.

Proven Strategies to generate leads for real estate agents:

  1. Lead Capture Page: A lead capture page or an engaging landing page will help you to get the contact details of your prospective client. The conversion rates on these lead capture pages are high. You can create a tribe and engage with them and nurture the leads eventually closing the deals.
  2. Automated follow-up system: You need to have a strong follow-up system. Thanks to CRM where you engage with your customers on regular basis.
  3. Short videos: Videos always have a higher impact on your customers. Make short and appealing videos on properties, the journey with us, reviews, tips etc.
  4. Social Media Calendar: Make a fine-tune social media calendar and stick on to it. Do not miss the deadlines. Improve and optimize your strategies every month so that you can leverage the results accordingly. Do not scatter your attention everywhere and focus more on platforms where your prospective clients are present.
  5. SEO: Organic results wins. Start with your SEO projects and eventually get into better rankings. Always feed the google search engines with fresh and engaging content.
  6. Optimized Paid Ads: Let’s start optimizing our ads on a regular basis so that we can bring down the CPC. Create multiple ad sets to see the best performing ads and concentrate more on it.
  7. Networking: Networking has always won the race. Actively get involved in networking and collaborations which can bring you quality leads.

If you’re still confused about where to start and how to start, get in touch with me for a FREE consultation. I will customize the strategy for you in your niche with your target audience with the best-optimized ads and assured ROI.


Thank you for listening to the video and reading the blog in its entirety. My clients have used these lead generation strategies for their real estate businesses and they are getting results and ROI on a regular basis. Give it a try and lemme know how it worked for your business. All credits to my mentor DigitalDeepak for his guidance in molding me as a person who I am now.

So, What are your proven strategies? I’m excited to hear from you.


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